You founded Love Potion together with Mattias Polanco in 2015. Could you tell us more about how it started?
A: We first linked up and got to know each other through our love for music. We started playing and hosting events at well known clubs around Stockholm, but after an event in 2015, we decided to put the music first and become more independent.

We held a residency throughout the summer at one of Stockholm’s most famous summer venues. For one of those nights we managed to book Session Victim for the outdoor venue on a really tight budget, and we were stoked! On the day of the event we were told that we couldn't be outdoors because some beer sponsor wanted to do an event with inflatable palm trees etc. Instead, we got moved to a cramped up space indoors, in mid summer heat. Session Victim trusted us when we pitched the idea of having them play a short early set at the venue, and then going out into the woods to play at an open air party, that we organized simultaneously. The party was a huge success and we felt really inspired to stand on our own, with the music at center.

What Mattias has done with Love Potion in recent years is really impressive and he deserves a ton of respect for it. 


Playing records with
Anders Johansson

Our friend and music connoisseur Anders Johansson is the curator of Temporärt Playlists. We were invited to his villa in Vaxholm north of Stockholm to play some of his vinyl records and talk more about the founding of the music club and label Love Potion and his favorite vintage pieces in his home. 

Can you tell us a bit about your music background, when did it start?

A: I got into electronic music when I was around 13 or 14 years old. I was the one who brought CDs to school so we could listen in the cafeteria between classes. At the time, in the late 90s, I was heavily influenced by the likes of Underworld and Faithless. I got more and more into house music thanks to Jori Hulkkonen, the label Svek and the french wave at that time. I guess that's how it started and my preference in music has developed from there. 


What's your relationship to vintage furniture and objects?
A: I find design really interesting, but first and foremost I'm interested in quality and the history behind it. This goes for everything from clothing to coffee and wine. I'm a quality junkie I guess. 
What's your favorite object at home?

A:Probably our coffee table "Low 910" by Aino Aalto, or the Zig Zag shelf by Studio DeFORM.
Could you tell us about the thoughts behind the playlist you created for Temporärt?
A: So, my reference point when it comes to music has never been static, but I guess I'm searching for quality, realness and/or something that stands out when it comes to production and the feelings it provokes. It can be quite a mixed bag if you focus on style and genre, but every track has something that caught my attention and I'd like to share them with you guys. 

Which are your favorite tracks on Spotify right now?
A: Besides all the tracks in the current playlist, i'd like to add,
Luke Slater - Freek Funk
Black Loops - Banana 20
Eddington Again - Blindsided
Anz - You Could Be


Interview by Rosanna Norman
Photography by Cristian Lind